Ushering In 2015

As The FVS’s departing Store Manager, I have been blessed for the past two and a half years to serve the incredible community of Freedom. A town of warm, caring, dedicated, talented individuals who define teamwork everyday. The Freedom Village Store is one powerful example of what this amazing community accomplishes everyday, every month, every year. Some of us go through life never finding the elation and never experiencing the all encompassing satisfaction that comes from having a job that fulfills their heart and soul. My time at The Freedom Village Store has been a defining time, a time that taught me what it felt like for my heart and soul to sing.

As with everything change is inevitable. The only constant in this world is change. I leave with a selfish ache in my heart but knowing that it is time for the next chapter for The FVS. December 12th is not only our last artisan night of the year, it is a warm, hearty welcome to our new manager Susan Bygraves. Susan brings years of experience in the non-profit realm, along with years in a professional setting. I leave with a light heart that is very happy for Freedoms Community Center, The Freedom Village Store. Susan has shown dedication and passion in her time at The FVS, bringing positivity, energy, and passion to our community. Please join us Friday night to show your support for Susan and see the beginning of the next era for The Freedom Village Store. 6-8pm December 12th


Thank you for a life defining experience. I am forever in Freedom’s debt.

Miranda Sandahl